My Justice Academy

My Justice Academy is based in Atlanta, Georgia and is
comprised of socially and politically conscious law enforcement professionals who work to build bridges between communities and law enforcement personnel through education. We conduct instructional seminars aimed at improving understanding of the juvenile justice system, promoting safe and secure environments for children and promoting positive interactions with law enforcement professionals, in common life situations. We have an abundant knowledge of community policing strategies, juvenile justice procedures in addition to various police tactics and criminal procedures. Presenters with My Justice Academy are certified law enforcement professionals, who enjoy memberships in a number of professional organizations.  We believe that education of both law enforcement officers and the public is necessary to improve relationships and decrease negative encounters. We provide detailed presentations by certified law enforcement instructors to community groups and law enforcement agencies in the following areas:

  • Fostering Positive Citizen/Police Encounters
  • Responsible Social Media to Combat Bullying
  • Preventing Intimate Partner Violence
  • Understanding the Juvenile Justice System
  • Building Positive Relationships with Juveniles
  • Responsible Gun Ownership to Minimize Accidental Shootings by Children

Our Mission

My Justice Academy is committed to the relentless pursuit of educating civilian communities about the safety and security of children and encouraging positive citizen/police interactions in today’s society.

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Our Books

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