Accidental Shootings

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Young children are curious about firearms and jump at the opportunity to touch and feel them. Adolescents are enchanted by similarities of real guns and toys and seek to explore their differences. Teens tend to utilize the possession of firearms as a symbol of strength and status.
Each group may have a different reason for handling firearms but one thing they have in common is the probability of death or serious injury to them or someone close to them.  These incidents are preventable, education is the key.  Purchase Brownie Bear Teaches Gun Safety today.

Follow Robert, Heather, and Juan on their adventure as they locate a firearm and work through problem-solving processes to determine what to do with the firearm.  The children are introduced to Brownie Bear who provides instruction on gun safety.

The author, B.L. Brown, is a certified police officer, law enforcement instructor and criminal justice instructor.  The book was written to initiate a conversation about the dangers of firearms in an attempt to deter accidental shootings by children.

Brownie Bear Teaches Gun Safety

Brownie Bear initiates the conversation of gun safety to deter accidental gun discharges by children. This book is rated 5 stars on Amazon.


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